photo by: Rowan Daly for British Toughts Magazine

"Chillear" ft Frankie J Out Now

"Borron Y Cuenta Nueva"  & "L0 Que Paso"

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"I’m a Gemini,

it’s either this or that. There’s nothing in-between."

Los Angeles based Singer, Musician, Artist and Citizen of the World, Artifex is the face of this

globally connected generation, with her European and Latin background and life experiences around the world. Her music, influenced by ‘50s Cuban mambo and cha-cha-cha, blends urban latin fusion and Scandinavian pop.

Raised in Sweden,

born to a Cuban father and a Finnish mother, her childhood was surrounded by

cultural duality. It was the best of both worlds for the budding young artist.


Musically speaking, Artifex's taste is varied. She started taking singing seriously

and spent her time in studios writing songs and recording back-up vocals. 

Shortly after graduating, she moved to Italy as a model, walking in shows for designers such as Valentino, Etro, Cedric Charlier, and Antonio Marras. During her stint, she shot campaigns and gained opportunities to grow.


Artifex’s return to music occurred when she received an invitation to perform with the San Marino Orchestra at the Expo – Milan Show. Her performance received rave responses from the audience. Since then, Artifex was determined to have a successful career in music, in doing so, she made the move to Los Angeles. 

Her performance at “The Mint La Club” got the attention of the True Makers Music Group. After honing her skills further with Grammy Nominated Frankie J, Artifex released the singles ” Lo Que Paso and “Borron Y Cuenta Nueva.” 


At this moment, she is currently residing in Los Angeles, working with multi-platinum Grammy nominated recording producer Luigie "LUGO" González. Artifex just released “Chillear”, her third collaboration with Frankie J, inspired by her Cuban roots."Chillear" just dropped this April, available now in all platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.


"I see no limits

in mixing different

music genres,

that’s what

I’m all about. "



Q &A 

British Thoughts Magazine

- What was the inspiration behind your stage name? A: Artifex in Latin means artists, performers, and creators.

-What was the inspiration behind Borron Y Cuenta Nueva? A: Erased & a new account. That’s the literal translation of the song. It is a break-up song talking about a restart a new beginning.

-What message are you trying to put out with your music? A: My intention is to spread out positive messages of Self-empowerment. Keep on going and reach your goals.


-Do you have any advice you can give to aspiring singers? A: Clarify your dreams and goals to yourself first, and then go get them!


photo by: Yudith Carrion @ycvphotography




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